APRIL 2018

4/9/18 Women's Day "15 Sneaky Ways to Save More Money Each Month" 

MARCH 2018

3/8/18 Reuters "American Eagle Margins Weighed Down by Markdowns, Shares Fall"

3/1/18 NY Post "Even PINK Sales are Sagging for Lingerie Giant Victoria's Secret"


2/20/18 Reuters "Gap Brand CEO Jeff Kirwan to Leave Retailer, Shares Fall"

2/5/18 Racked "Malls Are Dying, but Things Remembered Is Still Hanging On"


11/24/17  WWD "Black Friday Keeps Retailers On Track"

11/24/17  NewsOK  "Retailers continue to shift hours to account for changing shopping patterns"

11/20/17  Bloomberg "Aping Amazon, Retailers Play Loyalty Card in Holiday Season"

11/17/17  Reuters "Abercrombie, Gap Rebounds Spark Positive Trends in Retail"

11/4/17  Reuters "Michael Kors Tops Estimates as Americas Sales Rebound, Shares Jump" 


10/17/17  Bloomberg "Is New York Fashion Week Still On Trend?"


9/8/17  Reuters "Target Slashes Prices on Thousands of Items, Shares Falter"


8/17/17 NY Post "Victoria's Secret Scaling Back on the Hottest Trend in Lingerie"

8/4/17  Reuters "Under Armour's Game Plan to Revive Sales Could Hit Snags"

JULY 2017

7/28/17  Reuters "Kors Needs To Buckle Down for Jimmy Choo Deal to Shine"

7/14/17  NY Post "Last Remaining Nine West Stores Could Close Soon"

7/5/17  Racked "The Perennially Difficult Paradox of Accessible Luxury" 

JUNE 2017

6/8/17  Bloomberg "A Nordstrom Buyout? Lessons of J. Crew and Neiman Loom Large"

APRIL 2017

4/7/17  USA Today "Why Plus-Size Stores Edging Into Brick-and-Mortar Matters"


2/23/17  Reuters "L Brands Sees Record Victoria's Secret Shares Fall, Shares Slide"

2/23/17  NY Post "Sagging Victoria's Secret Self-Inflicted Wounds"


1/29/17  Vice "How Celebrities Helped Fashion Nova Take Over Your Instagram Feed"

1/9/17  Business of Fashion "J. Crew, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch: The Trouble With America's Most Beloved Mall Brands"


12/28/16  NY Post "Kate Spade Holiday Report Could Make Brand Sale More Enticing"


11/1/16  NY Post "Victoria's Secret Sales Sink After Late Arrival To 'Bralette' Trend"


10/12/16  WWD "When Sex Doesn't Sell: Abercrombie Reveals New Look"

10/3/16  NY Post "It's Still Too Damn Hot Outside To Buy Winter Clothes"


8/21/16 Business Insider "Victoria's Secret Is Pushing A New Kind Of Bra To Solve It's Image Problem"

8/20/16 Business Insider "TJ Maxx Should Terrify Macy's"

8/17/16 Women's Wear Daily "Fashion Trends Expected To Boost Back-to-School Sales"

8/12/16 CCTV "The Future Of US Shopping"

8/9/16   Business Insider "Macy's and Nordstrom Are Becoming Coach's Worst Nightmare"

8/8/16   Women's Wear Daily "Outdoor Apparel Has Created The New Khaki Pant For Work"

8/5/16   NY Post "Victoria's Secret Is Proving It's More Than Just Lingerie"

JULY 2016

7/20/16 USA Today "Why Millennials Are Going Braless"

7/18/16 Advertising Age "Marketers Aren't Waiting For Pokémon Go's In-App Advertising To Arrive"

7/15/16 Business Insider "Millennials Only Want To Spend Money On One Things - And It's Killing Macy's"

7/13/16 Business Insider "We Went To Macy's And Saw Why The Brand Might Be Headed The Way Of Sears"

7/10/16 NY Post "Retailers Offer Huge Discounts To Make Up For Slow Spring"

MAY 2016

5/17/16  Business of Fashion "Why Americans Aren't Shopping"

5/7/16    Business Insider "Teen Retail As We Know It Is Dying"

APRIL 2016

4/28/16  NY Post "Forever 21 Is Having Problems Paying Its Bills"

4/28/16  Business Insider "Victoria's Secret Is Turning Its Back On What Made It Popular"

4/21/16  Bloomberg "Resuscitating Gap"

4/17/16  NY Post "Consumers Aren't Buying Retailers 'Out-Of-Sync' Clothing"

4/10/16  Business Insider "We Went To Gap To See How It's Trying To Fix The Biggest Issues With The Brand"

4/7/16    NY Post "Victoria's Secret Stripped Of 200 Jobs In Corporate Overhaul"

MARCH 2016

3/10/16  WWD "The Rising Cost Of Cheap Oil"

3/4/16    WWD "PacSun Hires Advisers To Help With Debt Load Issues"


2/28/16  Business Insider "No One Is Talking About The Main Reason That People Aren't Shopping For Clothes In Stores"

2/25/16  WWD "Where Have The Shoppers Gone?"