Empower Your Retail Strategy

Empower Your Retail Strategy

Empower Your Retail Strategy

Empower Your Retail Strategy

At A Line Partners, our detailed research methodology and data driven insights give our clients the tools to make strategic investment decisions. 

The A Line Difference

Your Personal Guide To Retail Wisdom

We deliver 15 years of experience in on-the-ground channel checking and data analysis and are experts in deciphering consumer behavior and navigating the retail landscape.

The A-Line Partners method of research is differentiated in that our channel checks include the consistent, frequent, and detailed tracking of data, both online and in-store, by retail specialists located in key regions across the country.  

Our services include in-depth research reports, bespoke projects and focus groups, as part of a multi-pronged approach to understanding consumer trends. 

Revolutionizing retail insight with data-driven strategies to help clients realize their business objectives & achieve results.

Who We Are

Founded by Gabriella Santaniello, A Line Partners stands at the forefront of retail consulting, offering deep insights into consumer and cultural trends. With over 15 years of experience conducting mall channel checks, we specialize in identifying key inflection points, empowering investors and retailers to make informed decisions.

Our mission is to service our clients with in-depth and actionable market data which can be applied for an optimal outcome. Every client is unique, and we encourage an open dialogue to achieve the best results. 

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